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Fotografie a popisy rostlin > Špirlice (Sarracenia) > Sarracenia leucophylla > klon L30A

Sarracenia leucophylla

clone L30A

       The clone L30A is a top selection plant from our Sarracenia leucophylla breeding program. It was obtained as result of L2 x L22D cross. The aim of such hybrid was to fuse qualities of these two clones. The clone L2 is probably the tallest clone in our collection. It has very attractive red veining, but the fenestration is sometimes not very clear, that indicates possible S. rubra introgression. The clone L22D is not as tall, but is very robust and exhibits the cleanest fenestration among red veined leucophyllas in our collection. Moreover, the offspring of L22D is very uniform, that confirms very high genetic purity of this clone, which is rare and valuable for further breeding. So the aim was to obtain very tall, red veined plant with clear white fenestration. There is no doubt, it was fullfilled in case of clone L30A. The pitchers frequently exceed 100 cm height, several times reached 119 cm.
       There are also three other sister clones L30B, C and D from same batch of seeds, that will be documented later on this web page.


Pitcher in October 2008


Datail of the pitcher.

Detail of the peristome.




Details of red hued peristome.



Details of colour tunes of column basis.



October 2011.



October 2011.



October 2011.



With a fly.





December 2011.